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What we do

Create® is a third-party administrator (TPA) of self-funded health insurance.

Organizations use a TPA like us to manage their health plans for the same reasons you’d use an accountant to do your taxes. We have the expertise, know the ins-and-outs of a complicated subject, and get you better results by saving you more each year.

We free up your time and resources to focus on you core business by handling many of the administrative tasks related to health insurance, including:

  • designing the health plan
  • enrolling members
  • providing concierge customer service to health plan members and their families
  • preparing health insurance claims for payment by the plan sponsor

Create has extensive experience designing health plans that meet your needs, from determining the coverage you need to offering various financing methods.

What sets us apart

 Create is much more than your typical TPA. Unlike traditional TPAs:

We own the provider network. Most TPAs rent a network of providers. Since we own our network, we have strong, direct relationships with doctors, hospitals, and other providers in our networks.

We’re local. Create was founded in the New York tri-state – we live, work, and consume healthcare in NY, NJ and CT. We have deep insight into what the New York tri-state area needs for better healthcare at lower cost.

We deliver the whole package. Create's partnerships ensure you have access to a comprehensive package of services. We've got you covered with out-of-area coverage, balance billing services, stop-loss insurance, nurse case management, and much more. We select partners who share our values of accountability, excellence, compassion, innovation, and integrity.

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