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Streamline your benefits and payroll administration with the feature-rich portal

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The Create® Technology Administrator Portal simplifies benefits and payroll management.

Your team will save time, eliminate tedious tasks, and enhance member communications – reducing calls and questions from your members.

  • Manage enrollment and eligibility
  • Run real-time reports
  • Share key information with colleagues
  • Communicate with members through the communication engine

Need to add a new employee or change eligibility?

It’s all done in a few clicks.

Looking for a better way to communicate with members?

Our portal doubles as a communication tool. Expedite member notifications using the pre-built templates.

Keeping an eye on your organization’s medical spend?

Easily view key plan data to assess trends and monitor performance.

Looking for an easy way to track and complete open tasks?

The Administrator Portal by Create® Technology increases productivity by alerting administrators about any open tasks. Quickly view and complete open tasks, such as member requests sent through the portal.

Is sharing information a challenge?

The powerful cloud-based software lets you generate a variety of standard reports as well as custom reports using almost any criteria.

One-stop shop for HR administration

The Administrator Portal connects with any tools and vendors, giving your team a single place for HR administration.

It integrates with any health plan including Medicare plans, ancillary benefits vendors, FSA and HSA admin tools, and behavioral health and ERP vendors.

Beyond benefits, the Administrator Portal integrates with any other vendors such as data warehouses and payroll tools. It can also link with consultants to enable you to share information and improve communications.

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