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Differentiate yourself with a new kind of self-insured health plan

Your clients are looking for something different in health care. Open access plans are all basically alike, and the “sea of sameness” isn’t working anymore. Health care costs are rising and plan sponsors are taking the hit.

It’s time for a new concept in health care.

Create®, winner of the Best in Biz award for Most Innovative Product in Healthcare, is a groundbreaking model that’s built around your clients’ interests and their bottom line.

Create introduces competition between integrated health systems in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. It’s doing what competition does in every other market: driving prices down and quality up. It’s a big idea that is being embraced by employers and other plan sponsors across the region.

Flexible funding options

Businesses have a few options when it comes to funding health benefits and offering the best plans. Self-funded health plans are an attractive alternative to health insurance for businesses that want to lower costs and maintain full control over all aspects of their operations.

Create® Level-Funded is a form of self-funding that combines predictable monthly payments with the cost-savings of a self-funded plan. Create Level-Funded offers employers a simple, worry-free transition from a fully insured health plan to a self-funded health plan. We can assist employers in making the switch to self-funding or level-funding.

Increase your value to your clients

Stand out from the pack by offering your clients a health plan that will lower their costs while providing top-notch health care to their employees and health plan members.

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