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Concierge customer service

Create prides itself on its personalized and responsive customer service. The Create Concierge team goes above and beyond to help members effortlessly navigate their plan and their providers.

Our expert Create Concierge team can:

Book members’ appointments

  • Help compare provider options and estimate costs
  • Directly book member appointments ‐ whether it’s same-day, next-day, or next-month

Prepare members for upcoming visits

  • Provide directions to the appointment or arrange for transportation
  • Speak with the doctor to confirm benefits and eligibility

Manage post-care bills and follow-ups

  • Answer questions about a bill
  • Coordinate any follow up visits or care

What it takes to be a Create Concierge

Not everyone qualifies to be a member of our elite customer service team. We look for very specific traits in a Create Concierge.


Topping the list are kindness and a passion for helping people. You won’t find a nicer bunch than the Create Concierge team.


We also look for people with good time management and problem solving skills, because our clients and members deserve timely, dependable responses.


And good communication skills, because it’s vital that the Create Concierge explain health plan information in a clear, precise manner.


Deep knowledge of our products is another requirement. Healthcare can be complicated, so our concierges need to understand all the ins and outs so that our members won’t have to. In fact, most of our concierges start out in other positions, before they’re invited to join the Create Concierge team.

Our passion is customer service, and we take great pleasure in helping whoever needs our attention.

– Ann, Create Concierge

We set the standard in providing a truly unique, high quality, one-on-one customer service experience, an edge that our competitors can’t match.

– Allison, Create Concierge

Create® Concierge is standing
by to help schedule or confirm
appointments, find a provider,
answer questions about a bill,
and much more.

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