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Real Help. Not Bad Hold Music.

A Human Touch Makes the Difference


When results from Dave’s routine physical pointed to a possible problem with his heart, he was overwhelmed. He turned to Create’s Customer Concierge team.

It didn’t take long for Dave to reach a warm, knowledgeable Create Concierge who helped him find a nearby, highly rated specialist covered by his Create plan. Because Create works very closely with local integrated health systems, our in-house team can help members navigate to the best doctor for their unique needs within their circle of providers. In fact, we’ll even make appointments for members.

Above-and-Beyond Is Our Middle Name

Dave’s treatment plan required specialty drug infusions, and Create was there to help once again. One of our Medical Management representatives found a location close to Dave’s home where he could get the infusions at a lower cost than at the hospital.

At Create, we believe when it comes to healthcare, no one should have to go it alone.

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