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Create® for employers

The biggest breakthrough in health care for employers in the New York tri-state

As an employer, you want to attract and retain the best talent. Why not offer a health plan that will set you apart from the rest while lowering your costs?

Create® is a different type of self-insured health plan. We partner with leading integrated health systems in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut who compete to provide lower cost, higher quality care.

Reduce your costs from day one

Transparency and competition keep prices down and quality up in almost every industry. Why not in health care?

Create is the first and only health care marketplace in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut where competing integrated health systems win members by delivering the best care at the best value. Create injects free-market competition – something sorely missing in health care. The result: affordable health care for employers.

Give your employees access to the best doctors

Create partners with integrated health systems that meet rigorous quality standards in independent third-party evaluations. Since the integrated health systems in Create are near where your employees live and work, they include many of the providers your employees already use.

At open enrollment, employees “shop” for a health plan. They can easily compare costs and look for their providers, and then choose the integrated health system that works best for them and their families. Do you still want to offer an open access plan? No problem. It adds to the competition.

Ease your workload with high-tech, high-touch support

At Create, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We’re not like the big guys who put you through hoops.

You can use our easy, intuitive portal to answer any questions. Our advanced technology platform simplifies plan management. You can easily review claims and view batch bills, generate reports, check eligibility, and much more.

For employees, the online member portal allows them to manage their benefits anytime, anywhere. They can view claims, costs, and explanations of benefits, print their ID cards, find useful information, and of course, find the providers they need. Or they can contact our dedicated Create concierge customer service when they want to speak to a human.

Control your benefits budget

Businesses have a few options when it comes to funding health benefits and offering the best plans. Self-funded health plans are an attractive alternative to health insurance for businesses that want to lower costs and maintain full control over all aspects of their operations.

Create® Level-Funded is a form of self-funding that combines predictable monthly payments with the cost-savings of a self-funded plan. Create Level-Funded offers employers a simple, worry-free transition from a fully insured health plan to a self-funded health plan. We can assist you in making the switch to self-funding or level-funding.

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