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Create® for members

Get the health care coverage you’ve always wanted and deserved

Savings from day one

Feeling the health care pinch? You are not alone! Lately, high-quality health care seems to come at a high price. Create® is here to change all that.

With Create, health care costs are no longer a black box. You compare prices and features when you buy any big-ticket item. We figure, if you can comparison-shop when you buy a flat screen TV, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same with your health plan?

Cost and quality information is front and center when you shop for your Create health care plan, so you can choose the best health insurance for you and your family.

Personalized, streamlined care

Create partners with leading integrated health systems of hospitals and doctors in your own backyard. When you’re enrolled in a Create health plan, you can visit the best specialists, including top-ranked doctors and many of the providers you’re already seeing.

You’ll also enjoy stronger doctor-patient relationships – which have been shown to result in healthier outcomes. Right from the start, Create’s integrated patient care model enables your doctors to more easily collaborate through shared electronic medical records or EMR (sometimes called electronic health records, or EHR). Your doctors will know you and your medical history – ultimately leading to more effective care for you and your loved ones. They’ll be able to make better-informed decisions, with less redundant testing and less paperwork for you.

Create is unlike any other health plan in the New York tri-state area. Create members enjoy concierge customer service. Our customer service reps help you find providers and answers any questions you may have about your health plan.

Take charge of your health care

Create’s user-friendly self-service portal makes it easy to stay on top of your health care. Don’t parlez vous medical-speak? Not to worry! We explain things in simple language to take the confusion out of health care. An easy-to-use dashboard lets you track your claims, coverage, and even your pharmacy spend.

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