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Create® for providers

Are you losing your patients?

If you’re part of a health system, odds are you don’t know if – or when – patients are coming back. That’s potentially tens of millions of dollars a year walking out the door. And it’s not necessarily due to patient dissatisfaction with the care they’re receiving. When patients select providers, they aren’t even aware they’re system-hopping.

Now there’s a way to keep patients loyal to your hospitals and doctors. Create® is an innovative health plan for the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut region designed specifically around integrated healthcare systems like yours. When patients select your health system at open enrollment, they remain with you throughout the plan year.

We “create” stronger ties between doctors and patients

Our focus is on local, and we work to bring patients to you. Since members remain in your integrated health system, doctors get to know them and their families, and patients and doctors develop longer lasting, more satisfying, and clinically valuable relationships.

Keep patients coming back

By choosing to access only your healthcare system for healthcare services, members are exclusively joining your health system “club.” Create shares data with you beginning with the member’s enrollment, so you know who your patients are and can communicate with them even before they walk through your door. You can engage with your members by offering special on-site experiences, and you can keep the connection going by inviting them to events and proactively following up with personalized clinical calls.

Work with a partner committed to your success

Our health system partners are very important to us. We provide access to our advanced technology platform, which eases your workflow. You work with a dedicated team whom you know will always pick up the phone when you call.

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