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Create® for municipalities
and public sector employers

Healthcare that won’t keep you up at night

Municipality and public sector payors all tell us the same thing: They worry about how to find the money to cover soaring healthcare costs.

Local revenue sources are not keeping up with the nation’s fastest-growing cost: healthcare for employees and retirees – which is likely approaching 30% of your budget. As if this weren’t bad enough, the New York tri-state area is among the most expensive areas in the country when it comes to healthcare costs.

You want to continue to offer generous, comprehensive healthcare coverage to your members, so even a relatively small increase in premium costs is a big expense. And you don’t want to make up the cost by adversely affecting your community.

Create® alleviates your healthcare concerns

With Create, self-funded municipalities and public sector employers finally have a way to contain costs. Create partners directly with leading integrated health systems in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. To attract more members into Create health plans built around their network of doctors and hospitals, the health systems offer Create the best prices. Through Create, municipalities can offer attractive, affordable healthcare to their employees and retirees.

Reduce your administrative burden

Create’s self-service portal for plan administrators simplifies plan management. You can easily review claims and view batch bills, generate reports, check eligibility, and much more.

We also provide a member portal so your employees and retirees can manage their benefits anytime, anywhere. Members can view claims, costs, and explanations of benefits, print their ID cards, find useful information, and of course, find the providers they need. And Create’s customer service team delivers concierge-level care to your members.

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