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Dollars and Cents Sense.

What’s Been Missing from Health Care.


Compromise on quality or shift more costs to employees?

Every year it was the same story for Janet, head of HR: Outsized health insurance premiums for her midsized business. Caught between a rock and hard place, she needed to offer quality benefits if she wanted to keep and recruit top talent. But to maintain the current standard she's been shifting more of the cost burden to her employees.

There has to be a better way. (And there is)

Thankfully Janet found a better way with Create®. Create saves her company 13% on average per employee in annual healthcare costs and lowers her employees’ monthly contribution. Create health plans are based on integrated health systems of doctors and hospitals. Each health system plan, near where your workforce lives and works, competes on price and performance to win members. Great experiences and satisfaction keep members coming back year after year, which leads to stronger patient-doctor bonds, better care, and fairer prices.

Your employees can start getting better quality for less.

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