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Clear Coverage.

Shock Therapy for the Over-Billed.


From Uh-oh…

Ever gotten a bill from your doctor with a note like this?

“Your insurance company has notified us that the balance is your responsibility. We must look to you for payment.”

Jim did.

The surprise statement listed the total charges, the total paid by his insurance, and the balance that they claimed Jim owed. After he recovered from his shock, Jim logged onto the Create® member portal. His Explanation of Benefits (EOB) said he may owe a copay – a much smaller amount than what the bill showed. All Better!

Feeling better already, next Jim called the of his Create insurance card to confirm he was off the hook. The Create Concierge team member was able to assure him that the doctor had been paid by Create, and no further payment was required. With Jim still on the line, the rep called the provider and explained that Create had paid the contracted fee and they should only be invoicing Jim for the copay. She faxed the proof of payment to the provider to make sure the matter got cleared up right away. That’s all in a day’s work for a Create Concierge team member, and what our level of service is all about.

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